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Photograph by Olivier Renck

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No matter what the weather - hot or cold, sunny or rainy - clothing designed specifically for sea kayaking enhances the quality of your experience on the water. Special fabrics and appropriate layering keeps your core temperature stable and your skin dry and shielded from the sun, water, and wind. Innovative tailoring accommodates the unique postures and movement patterns of sea kayaking without binding or chafing. Leisure time is precious and rare for so many of us – when you choose to spend that time in a kayak, these clothes help wring the most pleasure you can from it.

Variables to consider when selecting kayaking garments are your paddling style, water conditions, weather conditions, and the frequency and duration of your kayak excursions. Single layers with high UPF (ultra-violet protection factor) ratings are great for warm, clear days on warm water. The cooler the air and water temps, the greater the benefit of moisture wicking insulating under-layers beneath waterproof-breathable outer-layers. When paddling where water temperatures are below 55º F, adequate apparel is as important a risk management tool as a sound trip plan and the possession of technical skills that match conditions.

To facilitate browsing our online store has divided Kayak Apparel into four categories: Drysuits, Sports Layers, Outerwear and Head, Hands and Feet. Another way to find what you’re looking for is to use the store search engine by entering a word or description of the item that you’re looking for, i.e., “paddle”. Also, we want to encourage you to call us: we’re eager to talk gear and share our experience and research with you. Our toll free number is 800-KAYAK-99; international and fellow New Yorkers should call our local number: 1-212-924-1327. We look forward to being of service and doing business with you!