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What you need to bring

Here is a detailed list of what you should bring:

  • Bottle of water — any bottle will do. You can refill yours here.

  • Sun-block — waterproof would be best. Apply it even on cloudy days.

  • Clothing

    Summer/warm water — synthetic shirt and shorts and/or swimwear. Any smooth synthetic shirt will do. Surfing rash-guards are terrific. NYKC sells these in the store. Swimwear may be lighter and dry faster than undergarments.

    Yogaphiles — non-cotton apparel used for indoor yoga classes is fine. Cotton is not advised.  Not only will cotton shirts not protect your skin from all of the sun’s harmful rays but also soggy ones stay wet and are heavy.

    3-season/cold water — technical paddling apparel is recommended. NYKC sells some in the store

  • Towel — In case you do get wet and or sweaty, or if you should just want to cool off under the hose.

  • Hat — A visor, baseball cap, or brimmed hat will lessen your squinting and protect the top of your head, face, and ears from sunburn. Out on the water, there is no shade and the water reflects the sun’s rays back up at you.

  • Eyeglass Retainers — If you wear glasses that are not expendable, you ought to secure them with eyeglass retainers from the likes of Croakies or Chums. NYKC sells these in the store.

  • Shoes — Every paddler must wear shoes from the shop to the dock.

    Yogaphiles — You may go barefoot, once you are on the SUP.

    Kayakers — Closed-toe neoprene shoes are the preferred footwear of most kayakers. NYKC sells these in the store. You may not wear flip-flops or sandals as the straps could become tangled in the kayak’s foot-pegs, posing a safety hazard.

  • Lock — We have small lockers for day use. If nothing else, leave your electronics — cell phone, camera, and keys — in one and secure it with your own lock.

Anything in the kayak or on your SUP may get wet.

New York Kayak Company has separate changing rooms for men and women. We also have small lockers for day use. Please bring a lock.