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Kayak Classes

Facade New Website 12 copyNew York Kayak Company (NYKC) is dedicated to bringing the finest level of instruction to Manhattan.

Ultimately, you can learn to maneuver your watercraft in current and rougher water, prevent or recover from a near or full capsize, help fellow paddlers recover from full capsize, and make decisions about when, where and how you can paddle the Hudson River.

The class is taught by one of our expert American Canoe Association (ACA)-certified instructors and assisted by an instructor trainee. We keep our class sizes small, with a staff-to-student ratio no greater than 1-to-4, which assures plenty of individual attention and an eye on your safety.

Included is all the gear you’ll need — a kayak, paddle, personal flotation device (PFD), spray deck, and safety gear. New York Kayak Company has a fleet of high-quality kayaks.

Reservations and advance payment is required. At least 48-hours in advance, call +1 (212) 924-1327 to reserve your spot.

New to Kayaking? You’ve come to the right place. The instructors at NYKC have taught plenty of novices.

You’ll be amazed how quickly you learn the basics and delighted by how fun kayaking is. And the more you learn, the more comfort, ability, and fun you’ll experience.

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Fundamentals I is designed for the new paddler who seeks an introduction to the foundations of efficient and safe sea kayaking.

Topics addressed — the marine environment, sea kayak design and use, kayak and paddle nomenclature, basic safety gear and use, kayak fitting and paddle grip, lifting and carrying, and launching from a floating dock. Basic strokes — forward, stop, reverse, sweep (turn), stern pry (course correction), and wet exit (the last encouraged but not mandatory).

Prerequisite: None / Duration: 2-3 hours / Cost $100-150

Fundamentals 2 is designed for the novice paddler who seeks to acquire a confident stroke, relaxed seat on the water, and introduction to the river current.

Topics addressed — the Hudson River marine environment. Strokes — forward with leg drive; forward, reverse, sweep, and stern pry with edging; stationary draws (abeam); low brace turn; and the wet exit (mandatory).

Prerequisites: Fundamentals 1 or equivalent

Duration: 3 hours / Cost: $ 150

Fundamentals 3 is designed to give paddlers intermediate skills necessary for enhanced performance and safety.

Topics addressed — application of the strokes to Hudson River currents, tides, boat wakes and waves; maintaining course and staying upright in both beam and following seas; crossing eddy lines; and ferrying. Strokes — bow draw and pry with edging, draw on the move, hanging draw, high brace, and sculling for support.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals 1 and 2 or equivalent. Rescue classes recommended.

Duration: 3 hours / Cost: $150

Any of our classes can be taught by private instruction, available by appointment only.

Prerequisites: none / Duration: 2 hour minimum / Cost: $100 per hour for first person, $50 per hour for each additional person

Please call us at +1 (212) 924-1237 to arrange private instruction.

Rescues 1 is designed to teach paddlers to rescue themselves and others from the water.

Rescues — wet exits, paddle-float and cowboy self-rescues; T-recovery and other means to empty swamped boats; heel hook, spider climb, scoop, Eskimo (bow), and Hand-of-God assisted rescues.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals 1 / Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $100

recoveryandrollintroRescues 2 is designed to teach paddlers paddling maneuvers to stay upright when paddling in rougher water and recover from a near-capsize.

Maneuvers —  climbing blade angles, edging for to maintain course in the wind, effective hip snap required for high braces and the Eskimo roll, and the sculling brace. We will introduce the Eskimo roll.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals 1-3 and Rescue 1

Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $100

Eventually, nearly everyone needs to know how to tow or be towed. This workshop covers the basic equipment and techniques for towing swimmers and tired, injured, or disabled kayakers as well as situational concerns. This on-water workshop covers swimmer tows, contact tows, and boat-mounted and waist tows.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals 1-2 / Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $100