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Kayak Tours

Kayak tours in the Big Apple
– a unique and thrilling experience!

All of our tours are led by experienced American Canoe Association (ACA)-certified instructors who will offer coaching and guidance that will help you refine your skills.

DO NOT ARRIVE LATE. Tours are planned for optimal currents and tides.


Our tours are rated in levels of difficulty. Participation in our tours depends on your demonstrated level of skill.

Kayakers wishing to join a tour should first

  • Have taken the pre-requisite Fundamentals classes indicated for the tour, or
  • Join us on a Practice Paddle so that we may assess your skill level, or
  • Show their American Canoe Association (ACA) assessment or certification
  • Show their British Canoe Union (BCU) assessment or certification.

Children under 15- and over 18-years-old may participate in our group activities while accompanied by an adult and depending on gear availability.

Stand up paddleboarders wishing to join a scheduled SUP or kayak tour or who wish to schedule a private or group tour should call us at +1 (212) 924-1237.


Tours, sorted by distance:

Tour Difficulty Statute Miles, Round Trip
Practice Paddle Beginner N/A
Paddle North Advanced Beginner N/A
2-hour Tour Advanced Beginner N/A
Paddle South Athletic Beginners N/A
Group 2-hour tour Min. Advanced Beginner N/A
Private 2-, 3-, or 4-hour tours Min. Advanced Beginner N/A
Maxwell Place Park Beach, Hoboken, NJ Athletic Beginners 3.5
Morris Canal, Jersey City, NJ Intermediate ?
Chelsea Piers Intermediate 3.5
Weehawken, NJ Cove Intermediate 5
Governors Island Advanced Intermediate 5.5
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Intermediate 6
Statue of Liberty National Monument Advanced Intermediate 7.4
Red Hook, Brooklyn Advanced Intermediate 7.5
Port Liberté, Jersey City, NJ Advanced Intermediate 9
79th St. Boat Basin Intermediate 9.2
Parrot Park, Edgewater NJ Experienced 11.4
Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater, NJ Experienced 14
Manhattan Circumnavigation Experienced 28


Practice Paddle

Gain more experience and develop your strokes and enhance your awareness of our paddling environment. We will venture out of the embayment and into the river where we’ll encounter current, wind, boat traffic, and boat wake and paddle from embayment to embayment.

Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $100 / View our Calendar

Paddle North

Increase your paddling stamina and fine-tune your boat control. We will paddle north, either with or against the current and return with the current in our favor.

Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $100 / View our Calendar

2-hour Tour

Easy-going, 2-hour trips focused on hanging out on the water and connecting with nature, and sharing the moment -- just for the fun of it. We might pick a destination, we might well not. No experience required.

Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $ 100 / View our Calendar

Paddle South

Leisurely paddle south with the current and return against it for a work out that demands you refine your technique.

Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $100 / View our Calendar

Group 2-hour Tour

Come with a friend or 3 for a 2-hour guided group tour.

Duration: 2 hours / Cost: $100 per person / View our Calendar

Private 2-, 3-, or 4-hour Tour

Arrange a guided tour to your destination of choice, scheduled for optimal currents and tides.

Pre-requisites: demonstrated ability / Duration: 2, 3, or 4 hours / Cost: $100 per hour for first person, $50 per hour for each additional person

Call us at +1 (212) 924-1237 to arrange your private tour.

Maxwell Place Park Beach, Hoboken, NJ

There’s a lot of adventure in this easy going paddle that’s enjoyable for beginners and experts alike!

We head north, cross the Hudson River and land on a sandy beach for a snack and photos at an authentic replica of historic recreational boathouses.

Duration: ? / Distance: 3.5 mi.?, round trip / Cost: $ 150 / View our Calendar

morriscanalMorris Canal, Jersey City, NJ

Athletic beginners can join us as we paddle south through the intersection of the Hudson River and New York Harbor. We’ll hang a right at the Colgate Clock and head to the northeastern boundary of Liberty State Park to have a look at the east terminus of the 107-mile Morris Canal from the 1830’s which connected the Delaware River at Phillipsburg, New Jersey with the Hudson River at Jersey City. On return, we will have fantastic views of Lower Manhattan. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Duration: 2 hours / Distance: ? / Cost: $100 / View our Calendar

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea_PiersA short but riveting adventure for both beginner and intermediate paddlers alike to this passenger ship terminal turned sports and entertainment complex.

Enjoy views of midtown Manhattan as we head north past stylish yachts, FDNY’s fireboat (water canons still work), the Frying Pan floating restaurant and lastly, the pier 66 lighthouse.

On the way back you'll enjoy scenic views of Battery Park & the Freedom Tower.

Duration: 3 hours / Distance: 3.5 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 100 / View our Calendar


Weehawken, NJ Cove

Join us to admire the view of Manhattan and check out the cove where Henry Hudson anchored the Half-Moon to escape the tidal current. The pace is a little more vigorous on this trip. Well take a break on a hidden beach and maybe pop into a coffee shop. Macchiato, anyone?

Duration: 3 hours / Distance: 5 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 150 / View our Calendar

USS_IntrepidIntrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

We stay on the Manhattan side of the river for a kayaker’s-eye-view of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Although we keep a respectful distance, we can see the USS Growler submarine and the Concorde supersonic transport.

Duration: 3 hours / Distance: 6 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 150 / View our Calendar

79th_St_Basin79th St. Boat Basin

Admire the developing Hudson River Park as we paddle north along the Manhattan’s west wide to the 79th Street Boat Basin in Riverside Park where there are still a few residential houseboats.. Develop your forward stroke and learn to manage crossing busy ferry and cruise ship embayments.

Duration: 3 hours / Distance: 9.2 miles, round trip / Cost: $150 / View our Calendar

Governors Island

Governors_IslandOur other urban island kayak tour. An exciting trip for intermediate paddlers who are unfazed by waterborne commercial traffic and turbulence caused by the flow of tidal currents. We can land at the kayak dock and stretch our legs on a stroll across the lawns or enjoy the shade of the beautiful trees of this 150-acre recreational space. Fantastic views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, East River Bridges, Lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Duration: 3 hours / Distance: 5.5 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 150 / View our Calendar

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Our urban island kayak tour to the iconic Lady on Liberty Island. We’ll get as close to the Statue as United States Coast Guard (USCG) security zones allow. Along the way, we’ll pass historic Ellis Island. The waters around these two islands are notorious for their “washing-machine” effect, so be ready for a bouncy paddle. The view is one you’ll never forget.

Duration: 3 hours / Distance: 7.4 miles, round trip / Cost: $150 / View our Calendar

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Valentino Park, behind Governors Island, is the kayaker’s gateway to Brooklyn. We will land on the rocky beach, maybe hunt for ice cream at Fairway Market.

Duration: 3 hours / Distance: 7.5 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 150 / View our Calendar

portlibertePort Liberté, Jersey City, NJ

Traverse New York Harbor to this unique waterfront residential community southwest of the Statue of Liberty which is just a few gondolas short of being reminiscent of the urban canals in some of Europe’s great cities.

Duration: 4 hours / Distance: 9 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 200 / View our Calendar

Parrot Park, Edgewater, NJ

Monk_ParakeetSmall lime-green birds, which are actually monk parakeets, also known as Quaker parrots, escaped domesticity and have multiplied into a colony since the 70-'s on the Edgewater waterfront.

Some say they are a fixture in town and want them to flourish and survive. Some say they are a noisy nuisance, a potentially dangerous species, and a fire hazzard to the utilities poles on which they build their nests.

Duration: 4 hours / Distance: 11.4 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 400 / View our Calendar

Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater, NJ

Mitsuwa"Transporting you to the heart of Japan," says their web site.

This is an intermediate trip heading north and then across the river to the Mitsuwa Marketplace, the largest Japanese Supermarket in the U. S. They have a wide variety of Japanese groceries, general items, electric appliances, cosmetics and all other products at their store.

We land on a small beach area and stop in for lunch well supply a dry-bag to protect your groceries if you want to bring some items home.

Duration: ? / Distance: 14 mi., round trip / Cost: $ ? / View our Calendar

circumnavigationManhattan Circumnavigation

Well-conditioned paddlers habituated to hours in a kayak will be thrilled by this 8-hour trip around Manhattan’s 28-mile circumference. Others, not so much. Bring a waterproof camera and an adventurous spirit for a day of camaraderie, epic views, and lots of paddling. Lots and lots of paddling!

Duration: all day / Distance: 28 mi., round trip / Cost: $ 400 / View our Calendar